1989 Cadillac Brougham: The Review Nobody Asked For

If you ignore the mysterious stains on the seats and the smells coming from the trunk, this $650 American dream boat can take you on the ride of your life – until the accelerator pedal sticks to the floor and the brakes fade so bad that you have to slam it into park just to stop at every red light, scaring the piss… » 8/06/14 9:27am 8/06/14 9:27am

I realize this is a bit of an old post - but I just had to say that I love Skull Canyon. That area is seriously one of my favorite places in Idaho. I used to live up there and got out that way a few times a year. Found all sorts of petroglyphs and caves and petroglyphs in caves. haha. Now I'm down in SLC and don't… » 6/05/14 1:20am 6/05/14 1:20am

Looks awesome. I think you got all the settings just right. For next year, if you can rent a 70-200 f/2.8, you could make some awesome images. Especially if you can get to the other side of the corner and see the cars as they head toward you. Or, if you feel like buying, the 70-200 f/4 can be found on ebay for like… » 6/05/14 1:14am 6/05/14 1:14am